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access_time June 4, 2012 at 11:26 PM in Culture by Adam Larck

Battlefield, Dead Space and More: the EA Recap

Going into the EA conference, I didn’t expect many surprises. Most of the “secrets” that EA were trying to hide had already been leaked, and the company doesn’t seem to have a lot more in production.

However, the company did have one surprise they finalized today. EA now will produce UFC games after buying the rights to the license from THQ. I’m still torn about how this will be. I liked Undisputed better than MMA (and maybe some of the Undisputed crew can come over, now that the studio has been shut down by THQ), but maybe EA will be able to make a better product now that they have the license.

Other than the license transfer, there were a few other decent surprises that came up during the conference. The co-op in Dead Space 3 looked really solid and entertaining. I’ve never been a fan of the series, but hopping in with a partner may entice me to check it out next February.

As far as Madden goes, I’m glad they’re finally using a new engine. It didn’t change the graphics it looked like, but made the new engine will help it be more “realistic.” The Connected Career mode also looks to be fun for players that like franchise mode online.

Keeping with the multiplayer trend, I’m excited to see that SimCity is finally getting multiplayer. I think building a community with other people will give the game that much more replay ability. I’m just hoping for the option to sabotage friends, because there’s a few people that I’d love to see their cities go up in flames.

Moving to Battlefield 3, we saw nothing that we didn’t already know was coming. Premium’s now out, the DLC announced months ago is coming and that’s about it.

I’m also not spending much time on Star Wars The Old Republic in this story. Not because there’s not a lot coming in the next update, but because I’ll have a hands on recap later in the week. However, one important thing to note that I’m looking forward to is the free-to-play up to level 15 in July.

Medal of Honor Warfighter looked like the standard modern shooter we’ve come to know, but the Global Warfighter multiplayer may be interesting. Depending on what they do with the different factions it could lead to some fun encounters that are entertaining.

The other entertaining game for me today was Need for Speed: Most Wanted. I’m still a big fan of Criterion games, and they proved they could make a good Need for Speed game with Hot Pursuit. I’m glad that AutoLog is back, as I like the challenge aspect. However, I want to see how the multiplayer aspect of the game will be later this week.

Finally, we come to Crysis 3. Everything shown we pretty much already knew. The bow looks to be the big weapon addition, and the gameplay looked similar to last game. I will say that it was interesting watching the damn blow up.

Overall, EA’s conference was average at best. There was nothing jaw dropping, but nothing really looked horrible either.


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