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Your Daily Pick Me Up 6/2 LOLcats

by on June 2, 2012

It’s Caturday dear readers and you know what that means: CATS! I figure I’ll do Lolcat pictures on Saturdays so here we goooooo. It’s Your Daily Pick Me Up where you get your daily dose of the internets. You’re welcome.


It’s really interesting what cats will tolerate…especially being dressed up as a flight attendant. I wonder where the owner found that outfit in the first place…

This is what your cat does while you’re away, partying at night. Susan who? Oh…maybe she was…oh crap!

Legless flying cat travels faster than the speed of furballs…and light.

I REALLY have a thing for fat/fluffy kitties. They’re so…adorable. Even though they may be maniacal, like EndCat.

I thought cats didn’t like water? Well, some in this video apparently do while others…you’ll see. Watch out for 0:58 seconds in, that friggin kid deserved what he/she got for trying to do that to the cat. 🙁

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