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Skylanders Giants Might Make Some Money

by John Speerbreckeron June 2, 2012
In the course January to April. Skylanders is now the biggest selling console and portable game there is. In addition to having record making sales when the game was released last year, Activision has cashed in on this bring your toys to life game. The game, which has taken off in a direction not many […]

Majesco Showing Double Dragon: Neon at E3

by Adam Larckon June 2, 2012
The remake of the original Double Dragon will be shown at E3 in a few days. Double Dragon: Neon is one of three games that is being shown by Majesco. The game is an update on the original with some new updates and features. Also being shown off is NBA Baller Beats, the Kinect title […]

Your Daily Pick Me Up 6/2 LOLcats

by Andrew Kenton June 2, 2012
It’s Caturday dear readers and you know what that means: CATS! I figure I’ll do Lolcat pictures on Saturdays so here we goooooo. It’s Your Daily Pick Me Up where you get your daily dose of the internets. You’re welcome.   It’s really interesting what cats will tolerate…especially being dressed up as a flight attendant. […]

GotGame Podcast Ep. 5

by Ramon Arandaon June 2, 2012
We’re only days away from this year’s E3 in Los Angeles and the GotGame staff sits down to discuss what we’re hopeful of seeing, what we predict we’ll see and gamers should keep their eyes on. This week’s show includes Ramon Aranda, Andrew Kent, Chris Wyche and Josh Boykin.

WeMade Unveils E3 Lineup

by Ramon Arandaon June 2, 2012
WeMade Entertainment (WeMade), a publisher and developer of mobile/online games will be present at E3 this year and unveil 8 new titles for iOS and Android. The company has 20 titles currently in development for this year, which includes a MMORPG that they are heavily hyping. “WeMade’s first E3 is shaping up to be a […]

GotGame Radio Daily: 6.2.12 – NBA 2K12 and NHL 12

by Steve Masterson June 2, 2012
  They’re almost to an end, both the NBA and NHL  are at a close finish so 2K sports and EA have done simulations on who will win this year. Stay tuned to find out which of the top teams win in a virtual simulation done in both NBA 2k12 and NHL 12. Official trailers […]

SOE Announces E3 Lineup

by Sean Garmeron June 2, 2012
Sony Online Entertainment announced today its lineup for E3. Gamers in attendance will have the chance to be among the first to get hands-on with the highly-anticipated shooter PlanetSide2. SOE will also have the latest updates while on some of SOE’s most popular franchises, including: DC Universe Online, EverQuest II, Free Realms, StarWars: Clone Wars […]

Review | Mario Tennis Open

by Justin Weinblatton June 2, 2012
Throughout the years, we’ve seen tons of Mario sports games. Mario hit the golf green with Yoshi, he’s shot hoops with moogles, he’s played soccer with Bowser, he’s swung for the fences with Daisy, and much much more. Even with all of their breadth, Mario’s sports games can be divided into two main categories. On […]

New Gears of War Game to be a Prequel

by Ramon Arandaon June 2, 2012
According to IGN, the new Gears of War title, which was revealed by Game Informer (and will be next month’s cover story), will be a prequel. On Monday morning, Microsoft will hold their E3 press conference, which will reportedly include a full trailer of the new Gears title. A source told IGN that Baird, Cole, Garron, […]

You, Me, and E3: 6/1/12 — Get Ready!

by Ryan Bateson June 2, 2012
Hey everyone, it’s Ryan here. I’m literally about to walk out the door and head to California. Can you believe that E3, the huge video game conference, the big daddy of them all… it’s just around the corner! It’s like Santa Claus just won the Super Bowl, and his prize is ZOMGVIDEOGAMES!!! The GotGame Crew […]