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New Dishonored Trailer Will Leave You Breathless

by unlimitedliveson June 1, 2012
It’s been about a month since I first seen Dishonored and after watching this trailer, I now have this overwhelming feeling that I’m going to really enjoy it’s stealth gameplay. Set in this Half-life 2 meets Bioshock universe, you play as a legend……wait for it….ary assassin who gets framed for murdering the empress he was […]

Jet Set Radio’s Full Tracklist Revealed

by Adam Larckon June 1, 2012
Sega showed the final tracklist today for Jet Set Radio. The company announced that the worldwide soundtrack was brought back for the game, including many fan favorites. You can see a partial list of tracks below. Also, a trailer for the game is at the bottom. By Hideki Naganuma (SEGA) “Grace and Glory” “Humming the […]

Virtua Fighter 5 Event Trailer Shown

by Adam Larckon June 1, 2012
While you’re getting ready for the E3 festivities, why not take a break to see what happened during the Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown event. The game, set to release on PSN June 5 and XBLA June 6, recently had a pre-launch event for fans to come in check out the game. The trailer below […]

Mortal Kombat Retrospective: 20 Years Later

by Joe Rocheon June 1, 2012
How many video games can you name that changed the landscape of the video game industry forever? Because make no mistake about, Mortal Kombat, for all its faults, fundamentally changed the video game industry (and not necessarily for the good). This is why in 2012 we look back 20 years to the very beginning of […]

Ubisoft Reveals Rabbids Rumble for the 3DS

by Ramon Arandaon June 1, 2012
Only days away from their E3 press conference, Ubisoft has unveiled Rabbids Rumble for the Nintendo 3DS, which is set to release in November 2012. According to the publisher, the game will feature a host of mini-games which include Augmented Reality (or “Rabbidity”), including multiple game modes, a solo campaign and multiplayer battles. The game will […]

Activision Settles with West, Zampella

by Adam Larckon June 1, 2012
It appears that the case of Activision vs. Jason West and Vince Zampella is at an end. “All parties have reached a settlement in the dispute, the terms of which are strictly confidential,” the LA Times’ Ben Fritz reported. The lawsuit, ongoing since 2010, was filed by West and Zampella after Activision fired them. Activision […]

SimCity Coming in February

by Adam Larckon June 1, 2012
EA confirmed the release window of SimCity in a press release today. The game is slated to be released in February of 2013. This gives Maxis the rest of the year to polish the title up, and gamers plenty of time to prepare how to build (and destroy) their city.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted Confirmed

by Adam Larckon June 1, 2012
Criterion is trying to continue their success from Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. EA announced that the company is working on Need for Speed: Most Wanted. While EA is tight-lipped about any other features until E3 next week, Geoff Keighley did reveal the teaser image above.

Next Star Wars Game Revealed

by Adam Larckon June 1, 2012
LucasArts next Star Wars title has been leaked just a few days before E3. The game, now announced by the company, is called Star Wars 1313. It is a third-person action game set in “Level 1313, a ruthless criminal underground deep below the surface of the planet of Coruscant.” Players will control “a deadly bounty […]

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Confirmed by Konami

by Adam Larckon June 1, 2012
After Nintendo Power confirmed a 3DS Castlevania game, Konami confirmed one in the works for the 360 and PS3. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is in development for both systems by Mercury Steam. Not much is known about the game, except that it will be at E3, but you can see a trailer below.

Tomb Raider Gets Dated

by Adam Larckon June 1, 2012
After being delayed until next year, Tomb Raider now has a new release date. The Crystal Dynamics’ title will be out on March 5, 2013, for 360, PS3 and PC. While you wait for the months to go by, though, Square Enix has tried to relieve some pain by putting out the new trailer below.