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access_time May 31, 2012 at 9:06 AM in Culture by Andrew Kent

Your Daily Pick Me Up 5/31 Batbear and More

Duct Tape Mug

Hump day is over dear readers which can only mean one thing: FRIDAY IS TOMORROW! You’ve almost made through another work week so let’s keep on chugging along. Also welcome back to Your Daily Pick Me Up where I give you your daily dose of the internets. You’re welcome.

Troll Kitty

Don’t you just get so upset when your cat does something like this? I JUST WANT TO LOVE ON YOU KITTY BUT YOU WON’T LET ME!!!11ONEONE UM…yeah cats can be the scourges of the world some times but I still love them.


Duh-na-na-na Duh-na-na-na Duh-na-na-na Duh-na-na-na BATBEAR! Isn’t he just so adorable and FLUFFY!? OK OK, Batbear, you’re scary! No need to try and maul me. SHEESH.

One does not simply read Your Daily Pick Me Up once. They keep coming back for the crack…err CATS!

You’ve probably already seen this but I felt the need to give some Hillary love today.

For our video today we have the commercial for the new Samsung Smart TV. Yeah…try not to make googly/sexy eyes out the window lest you have unexpected visitors. Yikes!


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