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access_time May 30, 2012 at 8:42 AM in Culture by Andrew Kent

Your Daily Pick Me Up 5/30 Angry Birds School

The Summer solstice isn’t until June 20th but a lot of kids are either out of school or going to be fairly quickly now. If you’re a parent then you are most likely dreading this…or not. Most of you are dreading this or already regretting not sending your kids to Summer camp or school though, don’t hide it. I remember when “school’s out for the summer” actually had meaning for me, now it’s “Oh boy, I don’t have class today because the teacher cancelled”. You know the drill college peoples. Anyways, here is your daily dose of the internets. You’re welcome.

Ah yes, another shiny toy for your kids to use this summer. Collecting as much debt as they can…for you the parent anyways. Either that or it’s you the parent that wants this shiny toy and use it to peeve your significant other with all of the Angry Birds merchandise that you’re going to buy with it. Where is  my Doctor Who credit card though?

This is so very true, even in college. One person starts to pack up and then everyone races to their back packs and what have you. The roar of zippers and shuffling things drowns out whatever the teacher is trying to say near the end of class. I really think it’s a good reminder for college professors since they like to go on and on and on, even after class has ended. I’ve got things to do prof, wrap it up!

OH HAI, YOU SCARED ME. LOL. This poor zebra is just trying to educate that child and it’ screaming its head off! How rude!

You’ll have to excuse the small comic dear readers, it’s quite too large for this post. Just clickity and you’ll see a larger version. Voltron was SO awkward back in the day and none of us even realized it, no wonder he smothers everyone. Poor robot just wants friends. HE’S A WEAPON AND A FRIEND! Thanks Ryan Sohmer and Lar deSouza for making such wonderful comics every day. You can check out their work at:

Looking For Group

Least I Could Do

Finally we’ve got a fun little project idea for all of you parents pulling out your hair right now. If you have a fish tank, with fish and water of course, and some water proof stuff that won’t harm your fish then check out the video above. All of this was done with Lego but I believe the person who did this had to paint said Lego pieces. Nor are there any instructions on how to do it! OK, I’m more of an idea guy rather than the instructional guy. Gimme a break, sheesh! Thanks to Geekologie for this.


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