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Perfect Link and More Features Announced for Pokemon Conquest

The subset of people that play and enjoy video games happen to be the same subset of people that love to complain. In the case of Pokemon, the complaint has always been that every game falls along the same lines as the ones that came before it. Pokemon Conquest, a title developed by Tecmo Koei for the Nintendo DS, satiates those concerns with its sharp divergence from franchise norms in its focus on tactical warfare. Throughout the game, players will travel across the Ransei region in the pursuit of Pokemon with which they must link to help bolster their burgeoning kingdom.

Linking, as it is referred to in Pokemon Conquest, is the process of aligning oneself with a creature for use in battle. Perfect Link, a new feature for the game announced earlier today, refers to the ability of a player to link with a Pokemon up to a certain percentage. By achieving a Perfect Link, a link with an 100% rating, the users will be endowed with the most powerful possible bond with their Pokemon counterpart. Otherwise, the link will be graded as either Bronze, Silver, or Gold, a ranking that best describes the power of the connection between the user and their partner.

Another new feature announced for Pokemon Conquest is the expected return of evolution to the franchise that is notorious for it. Pokemon will fittingly change as their link percentage grows and, in a first for the series, Warlords, a term used to refer to the highest rank of human character, will grow alongside them. Called transitions, Warlord evolution will result in improved stats, new skills, and an altered appearance.

As for the more nontraditional inclusions of Pokemon Conquest, Nintendo and Tecmo Koei will be distributing Pokemon Passwords that cause an outbreak of a desired Pokemon in one of the player’s training grounds, a feature that allows for users to obtain rare and powerful creatures they might otherwise have a difficult time finding. In the same sense, the story of Pokemon Conquest will be told through episodes covering a diverse swath of challenges that can be found in the game and online following the game’s launch on June 18 on the Nintendo DS.


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