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9 Things Sony Needs to do to Win E3

This year could be a very quiet year for Sony at E3. After all, the Vita released earlier this year, the company has reported not talking about the PS4 this year and a decent number of exclusive titles are revealed.

So, I’ve compiled a list of nine different areas Sony could touch on at E3 that could still make them come out on top this year. It may be a bit of an uphill struggle, but a few big announcements could have the company looking dominant by the time all is said and done.

Show big titles for the Vita
Probability: Very High

There are a few titles out there for the Vita that are worth checking out, but most recent releases are ports of something we’ve been before. Like the PSP, there’s been no wow factor that wants to make us jump up and run to get the system. Look, Sony has enough characters to think they can make a fighting game with them. So, why not give some of these guys their own game on the Vita. Bring Killzone and God of War over. Give us something that we can’t do on the PS3 because of the controls and make us want to actually play the handheld.

Make the Vita more backwards compatible
Probability: Medium

Speaking of Vita titles, why not announce that more PSP games can be played on the Vita. I know the full library is not available, but why not make it available. After all, there’s no reason at least the free copies of PSP games given out last year because of the PSN hacks shouldn’t be playable on the Vita.

In addition, why not bring more PSN games over? A lot of the more popular PSN games (PixelJunk series, Fat Princess, etc.) should easily be able to be ported over with the Vita’s graphic capabilities.  This would give PS3 owners more reasons to get a Vita if they could play some of their favorite downloadable titles on the go.

Announce more 3G companies to support the Vita
Probability: Medium/High

While we’re on the talks of Vita, may as well address this. If you watched Sony’s conference last year, you probably all remember the boos that the Vita got for its 3G plan being through AT&T. Well, if you’re trying to access as many people as possible, why not open up the companies giving network coverage. At the very least, work out a deal with Verizon to give 3G access. I know making contracts with all the companies isn’t feasible, but Verizon should at least be included as a carrier for 3G.

Announce the next entry for Uncharted for PS3
Probability: Medium/Low

Before you say anything, yes I realize that Naughty Dog is hard at work on The Last of Us. However, I don’t expect them to make the next Uncharted title. I look for them to pass of the torch, like their did for Golden Abyss for the Vita. I don’t know if it would be Bend Studios that would make it, but I still look for it to be some internal studio at Sony.

We already know that God of War will be shown at the conference, as well as PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale. I don’t see Killzone or Resistance making a return yet for the PS3, but Sony knows it has a sure thing with Uncharted. I could see at least a soft tease of the game, along with maybe who the new developer would be. This will just depend on what Sony has up its sleeve, though.

Give the PS3 some GTA V exclusive
Probability: Medium/High

Remember what system really helped the Grand Theft Auto series become a hit again? That’s right, the PS2.

With Microsoft having a deal worked out with Call of Duty to get content first, and even getting some downloadable games first through promotions, Sony ought to show that they can play the limited exclusive game as well. What better game to do it with the Grand Theft Auto V. I’m sure Rockstar will be putting out a few big pieces of DLC like the last game, so why not get a deal signed to get the content first for a few months. Give people a reason to pick up the game and enjoy it like they enjoyed GTA III on PS2.

Give the PS3 PSN an overhaul
Probability: Medium

Compare the PlayStation Network’s look to Xbox Live. Go ahead, I’ll wait … Back? Good, you’ve probably seen what owners of both systems already know, the PSN looks downright ugly compared to the upgrades that Xbox Live has received throughout the years.

The PSN is a very static system to look at, and definitely doesn’t do anything to wow gamers or make them continue to browse things before playing a game or watching a movie. The PS3 could be a huge media tool with the Blu-Ray player, and all the other features that Microsoft has in the 360. However, people aren’t going to want to look around and see what all the system has to offer with the system the network has now. It’s time for an overhaul, and why not do it now to show that the PS3 will be around for at least a few more years.

Give us a reason to support Move
Probability: High

Like the Vita, the Move hasn’t really gotten the support it needs. However, unlike the Vita, the Move has also had a few years to try and support itself.

Microsoft has been all over the Kinect. Sure, the games haven’t wowed yet, but they keep trying to get developers to support it and see what sticks. However, not much is ever heard from about the Move. Until Sorcery came out, I can’t think of another game that used it since Resistance 3 stuck it in there. The Move needs some decent titles to make it worth being picked up. Either that, or it’s going to go the same way that the EyeCam did. Show us that you actually care about trying to make a peripheral successful Sony, and give us a reason to pick this up.

Time for another price drop
Probability: Medium for PS3, Low for Vita

With bad financial figures this fiscal year, Sony could be looking for a reason to move a larger number of PS3s and Vitas.

So, with Sony knowing that the PS4 will be out in the next few years probably, why not finally push that PS3 price point down to $199. Give it a wider appeal and make it a family system for the Blu-Ray player alone. The systems been out long enough that this shouldn’t be too much of a hit by now, if any at all. Meanwhile, I know some people have been calling for a Vita price drop like the 3DS went through, but I still think it’s too soon for one. Sure, the Vita hasn’t been off to a huge start, but it still needs a better chance before throwing in the towel and dropping. Sure, I can see a drop happening in the next year or so, but don’t expect one to happen this soon.

Tease the PS4
Probability: Medium/Low

It wouldn’t be a complete list without this on here. Just like the rumors that have been swirling about Microsoft, people have been claiming that at least a tease may be happening this year, if not the full announcement.

Before I sat down and thought about this list, I would have put this at low probability to non-existant. The CEO has said that it’s not happening and no one at Sony seems to want to admit that internal kits have even been thought of yet. However, after seeing Sony’s fiscal year 2012 numbers, they need something to wow shareholders and try to start bringing numbers back up. I look for at least a small tease of the system, possibly just an acknowledgement of the system with a 2014 launch window.

Let us know in the comments what you think Sony needs to do to win.


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