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Your Daily Pick Me Up 5/27 Nintendo and More

This turned up in an image search for "Sunday Mug"

Yes…I know that’s a weird picture of a mug but I just had to put it up. It was found when doing a search for “Sunday Mug” because I couldn’t find anything really good that was sunday related that didn’t have any religious relations. Anyways! Welcome back dear readers to Your Daily Pick Me Up where I give you your daily fix of the internets. We’ve got geeky/nerdy/weird/oddball/crazy stuff and cats…at times! You’re welcome.

So this turned up in my search for cats today…it’s a Hello Kitty stormtrooper by the looks and it’s very…manly yet kitteh at the same time. Yeah…Moving on!

Reddit user g00sefeathers posted a picture of this lovely bench. Some might call sitting on old NES cartridges sacrilege though. Click on the image to see a larger version and see which games you recognize from your past.

Remember how USELESS metapod was in Pokemon? I know I couldn’t wait until he/she finally evolved into butterfree. Well reddit user pyrosheep posted this picture with metapod in the limelight, bloodying the mightiest of foes like charizard and electivire. Could metapod really do this? Nah…unless he/she had immense psychic power IMO.

Never undrkuk ur cheezburger lest it be angry and scratch ur face off. Nuff’ said.

Finally we have a really great video made by youtube user OlanRogers. If you haven’t seen this yet then shame shame shame on you! It’s an epic battle between Megaman X and Megaman’s brother-esque rival Protoman. Dr. Light’s acting could use some work though…


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