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access_time May 25, 2012 at 9:26 AM in Culture by Andrew Kent

Your Daily Pick Me Up Sehpiroth VS. Cloud, Minecraft, and More 5/25

Melee Mug“If you must have motivation, think of your paycheck on Friday.” – Noel Coward

Welcome back to Your Daily Pick Me Up here on GotGame dear readers. This little section of our websites showcases a few interesting tidbits from around the interwebz pertaining to geeky/nerdy/video game type stuff. Oh, and did I mention there are CATS…almost always. Today is Friday so let’s kick things into high gear and kick ass today and finish the work week STRONG!

Cloud VS. Sephiroth Car

The guy/gal who owns this car is sure to be popular at their work…unless you work with a bunch of people who have no idea what Final Fantasy VII is…let alone the Final Fantasy franchise. Thanks reddit user DerpwinRommel for this piece of awesome for our Friday.


As you level up in video games more and more awesome weapons are available to you. Well,  a one MrProfessorDrPerson on reddit has a different take on higher level weapons. Yep, it’s what I’m calling a ChristmaKnuckle. Yeah, I just made that up on the spot. Still though, can you imagine getting killed with that thing?

One Gorillion Dollars!

I generally find more interesting photos on reddit but the people over at 4chan some times have interesting things to post that are SFW.  Yeah, it’s a gorilla with a GORILLION DOLLARS! I hope that one gorillion dollars does not consist of just a briefcase of money. If so that’s pretty lame.

Pheonix XBOX 360

This XBOX 360 here is owned by reddit user Salemkylar. No, the user isn’t a slob who rolls around in dirt with their 360 and he/she isn’t trying to give their XBOX 360 a “rustic” look. Their house caught on fire and this was dug up from the ashes and it’s still working. Well, that is if you believe this story anyways. Point is: BE AN XBOX 360 PHEONIX – RISE FROM THE ASHES OF THE WORK WEEK. GEEBUS.

Last but not least we have the epic tale of two warriors trying to make it to the last mine cart out of town. To do so they must make the ultimate weapon in Minecraftia…watch the video to find out what it is. Just know there’s lots of blood from card board zombie actors/actresses.


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