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Buy or Sell: Online Passes, Wii U, Kinect, Black Ops II, New Halo Trilogy

Welcome gamers, to our first ever edition of Buy or Sell.  The purpose of this new weekly column is to give two writers the opportunity to discuss a variety of subjects.  Given a handful of statements, each participant will either agree or disagree and tell us why.  For our inaugural edition, we’ve got Andrew Kent and Joe Roche in our hot seats, so let’s get right to it!

1. Nintendo will demonstrate uses for the Wii U tablet at E3 that will blow your mind.

Draw something... to guess in a future version of Anticipation!

Andrew Kent: SELL – Nintendo has already shown the uses for the Wii U tablet and they really couldn’t surprise me unless they updated the tablet again with, oh I don’t know, some sort of A.I. called Jarvis.

Joe Roche: SELL – I’m not saying that the Wii U won’t feature some impressive functionality, I’m just not sure there is anything that it can do that would “blow my mind.” I fully expect the tablet to allow me to interact with my television, and watch videos and so on and so forth but nothing it can do will have the “holy shit” impact of seeing Milo at E3.

2. If Microsoft focuses on Kinect once again, their E3 presence will be considered a failure by core gamers.

Andrew Kent: SELL – While Kinect titles aren’t that impressive at times, they are improving. I think core gamers should embrace the Kinect and get their lazy asses off of the couch and play some Star Wars Kinect. We all know a lot of them need the exercise.

Joe Roche: BUY – The thing about the Kinect that has been interesting is the fact that as a piece of hardware it’s impressive and interesting to use, but it’s application in video games has been ridiculous and I’m at the point with it where I think the best case scenario for Microsoft is to incorporate Kinect into the functionality of your hardware without making it a piece of the software application. Basically let me talk to my Xbox/Laptop, let me interact with the menu’s without a controller, and then leave me alone when the game begins. As a quote “core gamer” I just don’t envision any scenario where I’m getting off my couch to full body invest myself in anything that Microsoft can throw at me.

3. You don’t care that PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is an obvious take on Super Smash Bros…it will rock.

Andrew Kent: NEITHER – I really don’t care either way. It’s a fighting game. Big whoop. Wanna fight about it?

Joe Roche: BUY – Frankly how the hell did this take so long? Did Sony not realize that Super Smash Bros., is a huge hit for Nintendo? I would be satisfied if Sony completely 100% rips off SSB without making any attempt to “Sonyize” the product, a direct copycat game with new characters would still be awesome.

4. Although some gamers feel that the Call of Duty franchise has reached overkill, Black Ops 2 will still outsell Modern Warfare 3.

Andrew Kent: BUY – The FPS fan boys will always buy these games even if only a few new things are put in. Activision could sell a game called “Jump N’ Shoot” with lots of guns, killing people, and jumping and people would still buy it.

Joe Roche: BUY – I think all gamers would agree that the CoD franchise has reached overkill, but you could’ve said the same thing about superhero movies and the Avengers made one trillion dollars. The CoD games don’t sell a ton of copies because we’re addicted, they sell a ton of copies because they’re well put together, Black Ops 2 will be no different and the same people will be lining up at midnight to buy it and we can ask this question about Modern Warfare 4 in 2013.

5. The new Halo trilogy (Part 4-6) will outdo the quality of the first three.

Andrew Kent: BUY – See comment above. Replace Activision with 343 Industries.

Joe Roche: BUY – This is a bit unfair, as far as story and character development go it can’t help but be better than the first three games of the trilogy because the new set knows going in that it’s going to be a well received trilogy. The original Halo: Combat Evolved new could have expected that it would launch essentially the entire Xbox line of products and a huge entertainment behemoth. Will Halo 4 – 6 be as important as the first three Halo games? No of course not, but they will be high quality games.

6. You’re completely against the use of online passes for titles having multiplayer functionality.

Andrew Kent: BUY – Big corporations are getting really greedy these days. They have all sorts of excuses for wanting to extinguish used games but the main point is that they are becoming less and less creative. If you can’t do your job, make a game that sells, then why should you stay in business? While indie devs make simple games a lot of the time, platformers and puzzle games, there are successes like Fez and Minecraft. Indie devs will be our future.

Joe Roche: SELL –  I’m completely against punching babies, I don’t like online passes but I understand them. I think if developers need to understand their audience though. Online passes won’t kill the used game market it’ll just kill the online multiplayer function of a game after the first month. Developers should sell online passes for an extra charge. Don’t punish people who want to enjoy a game without throwing down nearly $65 for a new copy, or better yet take my online passes that I never intended on using and give me a refund for having to pay for those.

And there you have it guys, now it’s time to share your own thoughts.  Buy or Sell?  Tell us why!


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