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RUMOR: Wii May Get $50 Price Cut

by on May 22, 2012

At last year´s E3, Nintendo announced they were bringing a new system to the market called the Wii U. The system is supposed to hit retail stores some time in 2012 and while everyone waits for more news on the Wii U front, the Wii is still sitting in stores.

Rumors suggested by a K-Mart computer image may have leaked a planned future price cut for the Wii of $50 dollars. This would make the Nintendo Wii a whopping $99.99

If you look closely at the photo readers can see that it is to be bundled with New Super Mario Bros Wii as well. We have no idea whether this is a K-Mart only sale or if it is an edict handed down by Nintendo.

Either way, if someone is still looking to purchase a Wii it may become really cheap to do so very soon.

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