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access_time May 21, 2012 at 10:48 AM in Features by Adam Larck

Elder Scrolls Online Main Story Completely Solo

Some new bits of information have come out about The Elder Scrolls Online from an interview with Game Informer.

According to game director Mat Firor, the main story will be playable by yourself.

“We have a whole part of the game that is 100 percent solo, which is the main story, where the world focuses on you. You are the hero, everything you do is solo and the world reacts to you that way,” Firor said.

The game will also included PvP matches of up to 200 players, and will be played in third-person, not first-person. That and a few other bits of information about the game have upset some fans of the series, but Firor isn’t worried.

“The worst situation for a game community to be in is where no one posts on the boards because they don’t care,” he said. “If they post on the boards, they care, even if they’re not being so polite about it. But that’s a fact of life: You’re an Internet game, you’re on the Internet, you have an Internet community. And the Internet community is always very vocal.

“So what you do is learn from it. You make sure you do the best job to deliver the best game that you can and they you go from there.”


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