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Wii U Rumors: OS Will Use 512 MB of Ram. Starfox/Metroid Crossover On The Way

As we head towards E3, Wii U rumors are popping up by the dozen.  Today, I have two rumors for you about Nintendo’s new console.  One of these rumors is pretty far fetched while the other one is fairly likely.  I figured that the two rumors averaged out to one worthwhile news posting.

Let’s start with the likely rumor.  One of those infamous anonymous sources is claiming that the Wii U’s OS will make use of a whopping 512 MB of ram.  This is quite a hefty amount for any OS, and this implies that Nintendo has robust plans for the Wii U outside of gaming.  This is fairly logical if we assume that Nintendo intends for their controller to mimic the functionality of a typical tablet.

The second rumor is a bit less likely but certainly more interesting.  The rumor goes that Retro Studios will be developing a crossover between Metroid and Starfox.  The premise of the game involves Samus and Star Fox getting into a midair fender bender before teaming up to prevent Andross from using the power of Metroids to use the galaxy.

The whole thing sounds more like a 15 year old’s fanfic than anything else, but this wouldn’t be the craziest cross over involving Nintendo’s characters.  That’s right, I’m looking at you Pokemon conquest.

In any case, we’ll find out whether or not these rumors are true in just a couple of weeks.  Stay tuned to Gotgame for the latest Wii U news and rumors.


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