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access_time May 19, 2012 at 4:45 AM in News by Ryan Bates

Digging Up New Danger in ‘Worms Revolution’


Remember Worms? If you’re a child of the computer era, you might. Worms was a 1995 PC game developed by Team17 originally for the Commodore Amiga and ported to other platforms. In it, your band of worms goes to war against another band of worms with bazookas, Uzis, and exploding sheep, tools common in any colony of worms. (I saw it on some nature documentary. I think. I was doing shots.)

If you liked Worms, get your artillery ready, because Worms Revolution is on the way! The new game, slated for a Quarter-3 release in 2012, will have updated graphics, expanded award-winning gameplay, and will introduce new water obstacles and physics-based objects.

Worms do not like water, but they do like blowing stuff up. In Worms Revolution, blowing stuff up could release deposits of dynamic water, flowing down the terrain, sweeping up unsuspecting worms in the current, or worse… watching their oxygen slip away until their next turn comes as they sink to Davy Jones’ Locker!

Meanwhile, some of the new physics-based object encourage interaction for destruction. They may release noxious gases, spew flames, or release more dynamic water… but the question is, will the wounded be the opposing army… or yours?

Team17 will be showcasing at E3, with more information on Worms Revolution.


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