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Did the Wii U Remote Get Modified?

by on May 19, 2012

The above picture was taken from a Telltale Games game tester, who proceeded to Tweet it from a now defunct account, which shows the Nintendo Wii U remote with a slight modification.

At last year’s E3, Nintendo showed off the remote (pictured below), which included two analog “nubs”, much like the one found on the Nintendo 3DS.  There were of course some criticisms about the use of a nub as opposed to full-on analog sticks, particularly for use in FPS games, but it may very well be that Nintendo took those criticisms to heart.

Again, this may or may not be the final design, as it could be an older model (albeit newer than the one from last year), but the picture of the latest Wii U controller shows the tablet with analog sticks.  The only other minor change we could see was the inclusion of a Wii U logo on the bottom left hand side.

Does this potential modification change your thoughts on the tablet one way or another? Share your thoughts!

Credit: IGN

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