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Crush 3D Review

Chances are you probably never played or even heard of Crush when it first came out.

That’s because the game first came out in 2007 on PSP. The title was a decent puzzle game that used an element that hadn’t been seen a lot before then: changing the 3D perspective.

Since then, games like Fez, Echochrome and Super Paper Mario have used similar perception-changing elements. So, now that five years have passed, what does the remake bring to the table that the original didn’t have?

The short answer is not much. Besides some cosmetic changes that I’ll mention later, this is still pretty much the exact same game as when it first released.

The game follows Danny through his subconscious as he tries to figure out what’s causing his insomnia. Dr. Reuben, a mad scientist, lets him explore his mind through the use of the Cognitive Regression Utilizing pSychiatric Heurstics (C.R.U.S.H.) device.

As expected, the device doesn’t work as planned. The device traps him in his mind until he figures out the cause of his problem. To solve his problems, players will take him through 40 levels, collecting enough marbles in each level before going to the next level.

As I said earlier, the main draw of the game is its perspective changing. You start off in a 3D world being able to walk around and jump on platforms. However, you’re able to change the dimension the camera looks at by using the D-Pad.

To progress through levels, you have to use the games main ability of crush, which makes the 3D world become 2D. This is necessary throughout the game to allow you to cross to unreachable areas like they were right next to you. This also lets you reach previously unobtainable marbles or collectibles. Crushing can also be used to kill enemies as well by flattening them against the screen.

However, there are a few things to watch out for when crushing. Some blocks can’t be stepped on when in the 2D view, either because they have no ledge or are just solid blocks. Plus, when you go back to 3D, some blocks are paper-thin and can’t be stepped on in 3D. Thankfully, instead of just dropping you off the ledge and killing you, the game shows you that there’s no ground to stand on and puts you back in 2D.

Being crushed may also activate a few special abilities as well. These range from a higher jump to not being able to uncrush to trying to collect a trophy in each level.

Overall, the game features 40 levels that are identical to the PSP version. The main difference is visual, as things look a bit better in the 3DS version. As far as the levels go, they are the same as the previous version.

Besides collecting marbles in each level, there are also a photo book and trophy that can be found as well. The photo book reveals extra artwork in the menu, while the trophy gives a challenge level of the mode that tasks you to complete a level within a set amount of time and crushes. In addition, new robe colors can be unlocked by collecting everything in the level as well.

Another thing the game has is to utilize StreetPass, which most people will never experience. The pass lets people put gifts of different robes in a level to try and let other people find them. However, most people won’t ever use the StreetPass features, and those that do will find that most people put gifts in simple locations instead of trying to challenge people.

Honestly, there’s not too much more to say about the game. The graphics look better and crisper than the PSP version and are much lighter than the last game. The 3D layer also looks good in the game, but if you play without it you won’t miss too much.


  • The crush mechanic works well.
  • There are 40 levels to go through.
  • Good game for small trips for short bursts of puzzles.


  • Pretty much identical to PSP game.
  • Sometimes jump is touchier than it should be.
  • After the levels and the challenge levels they’re no reason to come back.


Final Thoughts:

For a puzzle game, Crush 3D is a good choice for 3DS fans. While the mechanic may not be as creative as it was a few years ago, it’s still a decent game to check out. If you never saw the PSP version or haven’t played games like Fez or Echochrome, I’d recommend checking this out to see what crushing is all about.


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