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DLC for Mass Effect 3 Reportedly Leaked

by on May 17, 2012

Kotaku is reporting that the next DLC for Mass Effect 3 may be a multiplayer expansion.

Titled Rebellion Multiplayer Expansion, the content reportedly adds a few new maps and other items.

“The Rebellion Multiplayer Expansion opens two new fronts against the Reapers: Firebase Jade’s jungle reservoir and Firebase Goddess on Thessia,” Kotaku reports. “In-game reinforcement packs now include three new weapons as well as equipment, consumables, and six new classes: Quarian Engineer and Infiltrator, Vorcha Soldier and Sentinel, Phoenix Adept and Vanguard.”

BioWare community member Chris Priestly said that more information about multiplayer DLC will be out in the future, possibly later this month.

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