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The PS4 Confirmed Then not Confirmed

by on May 16, 2012

Sony fans will be happy then angry to know that the PS4 was confirmed then uncomfirmed all at once. Gameranx reports that the LinkedIn profile of Frederick Umminger, a Manager of Software Engineering, outed the next gen console. As you can see below his profile states that he “Maintained voice chat library for Playstation 4”. Since Gameranx has posted the news of the outing of the “Playstation 4” Frederick Umminger has since changed the 4 to a 3. Whether this was a fluke or not is up to speculation, but 4 is next to 3 on a keyboard so it’s not that surprising.

Sony has said that they are not going to be announcing any new hardware this year. There have been multiple rumors swirling around about the device, some detailing it’s hardware specs while others say that it won’t play used games. (Sony has since denied this rumor)

Is the Playstation 4 in development? It’s been around six years since the release of the Playstation 3 and I would imagine it might take some years to devise a next generation console. Something is going on, or else we would not be seeing any rumors in my opinion.

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