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Halo 4, Halo Infinite Multiplayer Experience Promises to Change Online Scene

Halo 4 is a game that sells itself based on one incredibly simple premise: it is Halo. Reliance on branding would be enough to ensure success for Microsoft and 343 Studios, but the two will be taking it one step further with today’s revelation of Halo Infinite Multiplayer. The name is to be taken quite literally; Halo Infinite Multiplayer is a brand new experience that promises to expound upon the franchise’s already excellent online features, revolutionize it with an emphasis on storytelling, and, in doing so, create a mode that could keep players coming back forever.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer takes place aboard the UNSC Infinity, a legendary ship in the USNC fleet that will function as the hub for your entire multiplayer career. As such, this area will provide you with many tools for customization and furthering your Spartan’s progress through all of the competitive and cooperative modes found in Halo 4, a category of which there are many new additions listed below.

    • Spartan Ops – The narrative framework behind the USNC Infinity doesn’t end with the single player campaign; it continues to live on through a brand new, episodic feature entitled Spartan Ops. Every week, a new entry into the series will be released that allows either a single player or a group to continue the story of the USNC Infinity, its crew, and the Majestic Squad, a team of Spartans new to the Halo franchise. Rest assured that, much like the Halo 4 campaign itself, these weekly additions to the game’s story are as filled with cinematic sequences as they are satisfying action. Spartan Ops will be available to all that purchase game for no extra charge.
    • War Games – These serve as the regular, competitive multiplayer experience for Halo 4. Each match is conducted aboard the combat deck of the USNC Infinity and can be contested with a plethora of new strategies and modes new to Halo 4. Further details in regards to War Games and the changes being made to the Halo multiplayer experience have yet to be announced and will come at a later date.
    • Total Combat Freedom – Accompanying the release of Halo 4 and the Halo Infinite Mutliplayer experience will be a variety of new enhancements to the franchise: weapons, vehicles, armor abilities, multiplayer modes, loadouts, player progression system, and a new armor modification system that dramatically effects the gameplay in what is a first for Halo.
    • Player Progression – Where past titles such as Halo Reach have relegated player advancement to merely visual alterations, Halo 4 will allow players to customize their Spartan to both look and play to their liking. Specializations, a new feature earned through customization, allow the user to enact special abilities granted by the way they have chosen to play the game whether they tend to sneak around or engage in head-on contact.

Halo 4 and the Halo Infinite Multiplayer experience will launch later this year on November 6 for the Xbox 360. Eager fans of the franchise can also, as of today, preorder the Halo 4: Limited Edition, a bundle retailing for $99 that includes access to the War Games map pack, six specializations, a USNC Infinity Briefing Packet that will help to familiarize players with the highly-anticipated title and many of its newest features, and an extended version of the Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn live-action series that tells the story as it leads up to Halo 4.


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