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access_time May 15, 2012 at 8:13 AM in Nintendo by Andrew Kent

Kingdom Hearts 3D Gets an English Trailer

Square Enix has finally released an English trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3D although the menu text is still very Japanese. The trailer showcases some cut scenes in the game and quite a bit of game play.

Traverse Town, The Three Musketeers world, Pinocchio’s world, and the Notre Dame world, and the new Tron world were shown. However, from this trailer we learn quite a lot of new things. Sora’s heart is apparently a prison, most likely for Ventus. Ursula can be seen in the trailer which means that Atlantica will be making a debut in the game. Xehanort can be seen on what looks like either Maleficent’s world or Chernabog’s. It’s most likely the latter since Xehanort is standing on top of a volcano that is erupting. Axel is obviously back and seems to be going to the Dream world for some reason. Yen Sid says that there will be seven key holes that need to be unlocked so this means that at least seven worlds will be travelled to. It will most likely be eight, excluding Yen Sid’s tower, since we can see our heroes in the World That Never Was.

I personally can not wait for this game to come out. Sure its not Kingdom Hearts 3 but we should be hearing about a console version of a new Kingdom Hearts game soon.



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