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Tomb Raider Follows Bioshock Infinite Into 2013

by on May 13, 2012

Lara Croft’s upcoming reboot was one of the surprise hits of last year’s E3.  Crystal Dynamic’s impressive stage demo had fans eagerly anticipating Lara Croft’s first full retail game since 2008’s Tomb Raider: Underworld.  As IGN.com reports, gamers will have to wait a little longer.  Tomb Raider has officially been delayed to 2012.  On the bright side, gamers can expect to see more of the game in June at E3.

This marks the second high profile game to be pushed back in a very short span.  Bioshock Infinite was recently delayed to an undisclosed 2013 date as well.  The logical explanation is that this is a mere coincidence, and both games were delayed for quality purposes.  But what fun is logic when you can make wild speculations?  Have these games been pushed back so that they could appear on Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U?  Have they been delayed because GTA V will be out this holiday and developers are afraid to compete?  Or, maybe the world really will end in 2012 and Crystal Dynamics’ employees don’t want to spend their last days on this Earth making Tomb Raider.  Feel free to make your own wacky theories in the comments.

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