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Nintendo Download Update (May 10)

by on May 10, 2012

The other day, I was watching an episode of The Office when the thought struck me: this show is missing something. I’m not suggesting that the show is missing a coherent plot, memorable episodes, or a suitable replacement in the wake of Steve Carell’s leaving; I’m instead suggesting that the show lacks an awful lot in the way of dinosaurs. Thankfully, my prehistoric prayers are answered in today’s Nintendo Download.

Dinosaur Office: Office Party, a downloadable title available for the Nintendo 3DS, highlights the perpetual struggles of Craig as he deals with a routine inter-office dilemma: a dinosaur cat fight. The other, arguably less Jurassic of the selections for the 3DS is Sudoku by Nikoli, a collection of 50 sudoku puzzles created by the famed Nikoli.

Rounding out this week’s selections are Paul’s Shooting Adventure 2 (eShop, DSiWare), Wonder Boy in Monster Land (Virtual Console), and Monster World IV (Virtual Console), all of which are available now.

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