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access_time May 9, 2012 at 12:13 PM in News by Joe Roche

Is GTA5 the Reason Bioshock Infinite Was Delayed?

This morning it was announced that Bioshock Infinite would be delayed from the holiday 2012 season to February 2013. The launch window delay for Bioshock Infinite left Take-Two in a strange position of essentially having no true holiday releases, and this fact was reflected in the Take-Two stock taking a five percent hit since the open of the market this morning.

It may not be all bad news for Take-Two and their investors though because Michael Pachter of Webush Securities is hypothesizing that Bioshock Infinite’s delayed release opens up a window for Grand Theft Auto 5 to come out in October 2012.

So while Take-Two would like you to believe that Bioshock Infinite was delayed to “make it more extraordinary” the truth may be that Rockstar sent word to Take-Two that GTA5 would be ready before Thanksgiving and Take-Two didn’t feel like competing against themselves for your Christmas cash.

Take-Two has a quarterly investors call on  May 22nd, so you should expect to hear more about this in a few weeks.


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