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Square-Enix Asks Fans For Patience With Final Fantasy Versus XIII

by on May 4, 2012

In an interview with Game Informer about “Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance,” Tetsuya Nomura is asked questions about all sorts projects, but it is one game in particular, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, that makes Nomura ask fans for patience.

Nomura says, “It always takes time when tackling the challenge of doing something completely new, but we are doing our best to bring information to the fans as quickly as we can.”

Even though the FF Versus XIII is not on Square-Enix´s list of games to be shown in about a month at E3, there is no direct statement from Square-Enix that says the game will not make a surprise appearance at the event either. So, who knows how much longer fans will have to wait for more information on a title that was announced six years ago.

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