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access_time May 4, 2012 at 4:42 PM in News by Lukas Jaro

New God of War: Ascension Info; 3D, Story, Ares, More

When the next God of War title was recently after tons of rumours finally announced, many gamers were rightfully surprised. People were simply expecting something else – God of War IV. Many even argued that it would be impossible for Kratos to return after all he’s been through. It simply didn’t make much sense as the main titles were intended to be a trilogy and we’ve even had sophisticated portable versions that tapped into Kratos’s interesting past. Yet it seems that a prequel again awaits us – sort of…

Not much has been revealed since the initial announcement a few weeks ago, as the team wants to keep most of the key features a surprise, but game director Todd Papy has been kind enough to answer numerous fan questions online and even managed to sneak in some new info – sort of…

If you’re wondering wheter the game will support 3D or not, wonder no more! It will – sort of… As Todd points out, support for stereoscopic 3D will be exclusive to singleplayer.


“Will GoW:A have 3D Support?”

“Yes in SP only.”

What will the gameplay be like? How long will it last? Todd gave us an approximate idea…

“How much shorter is it? U were comparing it 2 the series as a whole right? Would you compare it GoW1?

“I think we will be very close to GOW 1.”

“Will this new GOW feel more adventurous than the last one? GOW3 was just climbing up a mountain… or will it be like 2?”

“More like 1 and 2.”

When asked about frame rate, Papy came up with an interesting answer to say the least…

“MP looks awesome!!! Mp go 60 FPS? God of War is my favourite saga.”

“We will run at a variable fps, just like all of our games.”

“Was there any talk about MP framerate. Will you target 30,or will it be variable like 3?”

“Variable. We will try and try to make sure it doesn’t dip.”

And last, but not least, someone was sneaky enough to ask about Ares. Will he be making a comeback as well?

Will we see Aries (Ares) in this game?

“He’s one of the gods that u can align to in MP. It’s a prequel of the trilogy, he is alive.

Well, there you have it! Are you looking forward to the next God of War? You better be, because Single-player is expected to be fully revealed some time next month – most probably during E3! That means in less than a month we’ll know for sure how it all ties together – what’s happening with Kratos, how it all truly began and what new features in the campaign we will be able to expect!

Ascend with us! We’ll be at E3, so stay tuned – we’ve got you covered! Until then, game on!


  • Ramon Aranda May 4, 2012 at 11:10 PM

    I’m thinking it’d be a good idea to finally play that GOW I&II combo on the PS3.

  • unlimitedlives May 6, 2012 at 7:23 AM

    It’ll be interesting to see Kratos getting that power from Ares and seeing how much of a difference it makes during his battles with his spartan army.

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