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access_time May 4, 2012 at 9:44 AM in Mobile by ubernaut

Apple Gets Punked on iPad Keyboard UI

YouTube user danielchasehooper has a better way to type on an iPad and you can help make it happen, simply follow these instructions to help get his awesome renegade UI feature added to a future version of iOS for iPad:

1. Go to bugreport.apple.com, sign in and click “New Problem”
2. Set the Title to “Editing Text on iPad (duplicate of rdar://11365152)”
3. Set the Product to “iPad”, Version Number to “N/A”, Classification to “Feature (New)” and Is It Reproducible to “Not Applicable”
4. Copy the letter below and paste it in the Problem Details section then click submit

I just saw Daniel Hooper’s iPad keyboard demo and I want that for my iPad! (Check out the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGQTaHGQ04Q) Apple says the iPad is the future of the Post-PC world; if it’s going to be my primary keyboard, I want a better way to edit text!

Tapping directly on text to move the cursor works well for small portions of text, but we don’t just write short portions of text anymore! When performing lots of edits in larger documents the direct interaction metaphor falls apart for cursor control. Even short portions of text can be painful to edit when you need to move the cursor to a precise location. Would you ever want to write a document on your computer without using the arrow keys? This is the reality iPad users face because they do not have the equivalent of arrow keys. There is a better way.

Take advantage of gestures by making a drag over the keyboard UI move the cursor. Move the cursor in word increments when dragging with two fingers. And finally, let the user select text while dragging when they hold down shift.

You can also share this with your friends so more people are involved! Make sure to like and favorite the YT vid as well. Follow @danielchooper on Twitter to stay up to date on this and other cool projects.

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  • Ramon Aranda May 4, 2012 at 9:50 AM

    Honestly this looks pretty cool. I hate having to use the cursor currently on my iPad.

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