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Preview | Pokemon Conquest Gets Strategic

Though we’ve seen our share of Pokemon spin-off games in the past, such as Pokemon Ranger and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, none have come across as unique and ambitious as Pokemon Conquest, currently in development for the Nintendo DS.

Taking place in Ransei, warlords are fighting for control of the land, as myth suggests that the one who is able to conquer all 17 kingdoms will meet the mythical Pokemon that created the land.

With the game’s premise set, players will find themselves thrust into an experience that takes the standard Pokemon formula and mashes it up with a strategy game.  While previous Pokemon titles urge players to “catch ‘em all”, Pokemon Conquest is more about the relationships you build with each of your companions.  After choosing either a male or female character, players will enter each kingdom and battle warriors and warlords from the Nobunaga series.  Each kingdom will have a particular theme/environment to mix things up while players will look to strengthen their Pokemon.

Key to battles will be finding the appropriate combination of warrior and Pokemon as each pair will have a certain level of chemistry that affects how well a Pokemon fights.  You’ll of course have to keep in mind your range of movement, types of attacks and compatibility, which only adds to strategic planning.  As expected, Pokemon will get more powerful over time and upon beating warlords, will have the ability to bring them into your team.

The game features some 200 Pokemon that stretch the entire series with a fascinating blend of RPG styles that has us excited about this unique spin-off.   Pokemon Conquest is currently scheduled for a June 18 release and it’s a title Pokemon fans should definitely keep their eyes on.

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