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Persona 4: Golden May Be Coming to More than PS Vita in the Fall

by on May 2, 2012


Persona 4 was a critically acclaimed release right around the end of the PS2 era. The Persona 4 series is beloved in Japan and has cult fandom status in the United States. So, I am sure many American fans were happy to see that not only was Persona 4 getting a remake on the PS Vita, renamed Persona 4: Golden.

According to Kotaku though, the biggest news may be that the fine print on the Persona 4: Golden website reveals logos for KINECT, PS3, and Xbox 360.  So, this may be a slight indication they may be translating the game for more than one system and make it a bigger re-release.

Atlus has not commented on whether or not this is a mistake on their website or if it is in fact true. We will update this article, if they do.

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