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Introducing The MMO Report

by on May 2, 2012

Hey Everybody it’s me, your intrepid reporter Tim St. Croix. I know some of you are thinking who is this Tim St. Croix and what the hell does intrepid mean?!

Well intrepid means fearless and bold, and as for who that is, that is me, weird and confusing I know, the point however is that soon GotGame will have its very own MMO Report and I will be doing the…um…reporting.

Now I am sure many of you in the GotGame audience have played MMO’s and are probably playing one or about as I am typing this, I am also sure that many of you have never played an MMO and have no desire to whatsoever. For those of you who have never played one and maybe want to but are kind of not sure where to start or what to pick up I will be your guide in navigating the big and ever growing world of the MMO. As for you experienced MMO players I will be keeping you updated on all the latest special events going on in the MMO’s you are playing and will be doing some playthroughs of MMOs you aren’t playing yet or maybe have never even heard of. I will also attempt to review some of the MMOs and be posting news on any MMOs that are creating news and are in the news today.

The MMO Report will drop the fourth Wednesday of every month and included in the Report I will give my user name in each game so you can add me and join me while I am in the game world. I hope to see you guys soon!

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