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Dawnguard DLC Confirmed for Skyrim

by on May 1, 2012

If you all recall, awhile back Zenimax had registered a trademark for the word “Dawnguard”. A lot of us were hoping that this was Skyrim DLC, either that or we thought it was a new game that Zenimax was working on. However today Bethesda has confirmed that Dawnguard is, as we had hoped, the first set of DLC for Skyrim. (excluding the Kinect update that is available as of today)

All that was revealed about the DLC is the picture above of the Dohvakiin with eyes shining with power and a quiver of arrows on his back. Rumor has it that Snow Elves and Crossbows are going to be put into this DLC. However Bethesda is keeping details to a bare minimum and won’t say much more until E3 this summer.

Other than that this DLC will be exclusive to the XBOX 360 for 30 days, and then it will be available for the PS3 and PC.

I would love to see Snow Elves in this next update, crossbows I could care less about. One of my hopes from the future DLC was to become a god again as was done in Obivion. I could settle for god-like though.

Don’t forget, today is the anniversary of Morrowind so go and play it!

Source: GameSpot

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