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access_time April 30, 2012 at 11:34 PM in Culture by John De Large

Xbox Fever (May 1)

This week Chris has a fever, so JDL takes on the news alone. Let’s see what he has for us.

Lionhead Changing Things Up?

says: Cinema Blend

The XBLA beat-’em-up that everyone’s looking forward to, Fable Heroes, available on May 2nd, is much anticipated by gamers, but it won’t be that much of a turning point for Lionhead Studios. Initial dissent over the new direction of the Fabel series has been quelled by FH’s lead designer, Ted Timmins who claims among other things that the development of Fable Heroes was an idea formulated by “just six guys getting together, creating something in their spare time and Lionhead liking it so much that it gets signed off.”

“I know that there are so many people out there desperate for news on any future Fable titles, but I hope that people see it as an accompaniment to the franchise and trying to expand and take it down a slightly different route about hack-and-slash and being fun,” said Timmins “I can understand the fans’ frustrations, because it’s like whenever a Zelda game hasn’t been announced I’m just desperate to know – ‘Give me anything, just a screenshot!’ The same applies for Team Ico – ‘Where’s my next Team Ico game? I’m still waiting for it!

Timmins also says “It’s still a Lionhead game, but it went through a very different process, coming from a Creative Day,” continued Timmins. “It’s credit to Lionhead and Microsoft that they’re willing to take a chance on some guys that have never really done anything like it before. This doesn’t in any way shape the future direction of Lionhead or the games we release. But I hope that it’s influenced it in the sense that Creative Days will, from now on – we’ll get more things from them.”

With Peter Molyneux departing from Lionhead, Timmins described Molyneux as being “irreplaceable,” but says that Lionhead will be moving in a team oriented direction.

Woodstock 2012?

says: Tom’s Guide

Microsoft new music service, for now codenamed “Woodstock,” will be available via a sneak peak during E3 2012. For those unaware, Microsoft’s current music subscription service, Zune Music Pass, allows subscribers to download any number of songs onto as many as 3 Windows PCs or 3 other Zune compatible devices but they can’t be burned to CD or devices not approved by Microsoft. Lame. Looking for change, Microsoft discontinued all Zune hardware last October, ultimately removing their brand with the release of Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

It’s still too early to consider launch dates or pricing, but perhaps “Woodstock,” will be priced in the range of the current Zune Music Pass, which is $9.99 per month.

Quickflix Quick Fix Available On Xbox 360?

says: Stuff

Quickflix’s streaming video/movie and TV providing service will now be available to Xbox 360 Gold members in Australia and New Zealand later this year. Quick flix customers can choose content via their 360 with smart TV, tablet and phone support coming soon.

“This is a great new partnership, and will bring the Quickflix streamed entertainment service to the Xbox community across both countries,” said Quickflix Chairman, Stephen Langsford, and CEO, Chris Taylor. “We’re committed to making home entertainment easier for people, and this is our latest step towards providing people the biggest choice possible of how to watch the TV shows and movies they love – whether it’s on a mobile device, Smart TV or games console.”

Quickflix’s broad selection covers a variety of American entertainment and British entertainment as well as BBC and ITV programming.

Ex East Louis Prison Chief Gets A Year In Prison?

says: BND

Michael Baxton Sr., former chief of both East St. Louis and Alorton, was sentenced to a year in prison and was ordered to pay a $2,000 fine.
Baxton entered a plea of guilty in January, admitting to stealing four Xbox consoles placed by federal agents in a car as part of an operation Baxton stole four consoles for himself, giving the fifth to another officer who had been cooperating with federal agents and had recorded the incident. Whoops. Baxton had already lost another, when a state board deemed him unable to work because of prior theft and burglary convictions from 1982.

Sentencing Postponed In Xbox Sex Abuse Case?

Richard Kretovic of Rochester, New York used his Xbox 360 to chat with a 10 year old boy for three months in 2011 before inviting him over to his house where he sexually abused him. Though Kretovic was taken to court and convicted for his crimes, Rochester defense attorneys are waiting until May 10th to properly sentence him, while they review information about Kretovic potentially having Asperger’s Syndrome. Kretovic could face six months in jail and will have to register as a sex offender upon his release.

“Chronologically he’s 19, academically he is way beyond his years, but socially and emotionally he’s about ten, eleven years old,” Kretovic’s mother Karen said.

Despite his disability, what fate do you think should befall Kretovic? Let us know in the comments section and thanks for checking in! Until next week, be good!


  • Ramon Aranda May 1, 2012 at 9:08 AM

    Richard Kretovic is a douche.

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