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access_time April 30, 2012 at 10:23 AM in Culture by Tim St. Croix

Preview | Upcoming Titles from ngmoco:)

Recently I spent some time ngmoco:) and got to spend some time with their suite of games for your favorite smart phone and I have to say that I am impressed. Their range of games is impressive from the more hardcore mobile games to the more casual, and all are fun and seem to have a rather large following on the android marketplace if the downloads are any indicator. So with that said I am going to give a quick rundown of a few of their many titles.

First up is Skyfall is a traditional RPG set on a very non-traditional platform. You have 3 classes, warrior, rogue and mage. Each class has different strengths and that will determine what kind of magic spells you get and the abilities you will use during exploration and combat. Below are some screenshots which will explain more and hopefully whet your appetite for the other great games in the ngmoco library.

Ninja Royale comes from ngmoco’s Japanese studio, where they are a big fan of Fruit Ninja and were curious how to make the same mechanics of the tap and slash work for them in a whole new way. Thus Ninja Royale is born, the game is fun, the game has a ton of collectables and upgrades. Not to mention a new event every week makes this game one you will be sure to come back to again and again.

Next we have Rage of Bahamut, again from Japan, this time however it has more of a magic the gathering feel. The battles are all card battles and through encounters you collect cards that you can then link or layer to upgrade your forces and get unique collectibles to battle your way on some pretty epic quests for loot.

Finally we have DragonCraft a game where the main idea is to capture wild dragons and use them to take control of the empire, with the ability to command multiple dragons and to build your small barony into a mighty metropolis. This is another great game from the folks at ngmoco:).

Now there are more games from ngmoco and there were more at the preview event such as Blood Brothers and Dreamtopia and I highly recommend you download and play all of them I just really wanted to whet your appetite for a great mobile game company with a large library that is still growing. The best part though and I like to save the best for last is that all of these games are free, that’s right free so what are you waiting for?


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