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Halo Universe to Expand in the Form of Live-Action Web Series Leading Up to Halo 4 Launch

by on April 30, 2012

The other day, as I was sitting so pleasantly on my couch, I was thinking to myself that the world simply hasn’t seen Halo’s influence cross over into enough mediums. There have been numerous toys, novels, and even a crossover with 7/11’s notorious Slurpee brand, but that can’t possibly be enough content to contain the massive world that Master Chief thrives in. Luckily, Halo will be branching out once more this fall as the series is at the center of a live-action web series built to hype Halo 4 in the weeks leading up to its November 6 release date.

Entitled Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, the series will focus on a UNSC cadet that has been inspired by the life of Master Chief and ultimately becomes a leader on the UNSC Infinity. According to G4, the live-action program will be hosted by Machinima.com and Halo Waypoint on the Xbox 360. It will span the course of five episodes that air on a weekly basis with each of the five episodes lasting 15 minutes.

After the show’s initial run, Microsoft plans to package the series for use across a variety of different platforms. Success could even lead to similar productions arising from the now-iconic Halo franchise, a demand that often pops up among members of the rabid fan community.

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