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Review | Colors! 3D

Drawing hasn’t been my strong suit since the 8th grade, which for me was around the year 2000. I still like to draw, don’t get me wrong, but these days, if I’m drawing it’s usually crude little stick figures, capsule people or at best, my art could be considered close to on-par with Chainsawsuit. I always thought it’d be cool to have an art app or a program that lets me draw, color and save art work to my 3DS and after trying out Colors! 3D, I found out I was right. With a button for everything, several crucial functions, 3D support and layerable artwork, Colors! 3D sounds like a lot to manage, but is actually really fun and really easy to use.

Let’s start with the aforementioned layers, artwork can contain up to five seperate stacking layers. The circle pad allows players — er, artists to draw themselves a picture, then switch back and forth between the five layers. Want even more depth? Press R to see each layer seperate and you’ll be able to check each layer individually. Draw a picture, then draw a frame, erase outside of the frame without harming the frame, then pull each part of your framed picture apart. It’s like something out an Ace Attorney game.

Meanwhile, the L button controls all of Colors! 3D’s painting tools, including brushes sizes, an adjustable paint palette, undo and redo functions. Artists can also zoom in on their pictures making sure not to dredge the wrong color onto the wrong part of their work. Of all the tools, though, the best one in my opinion is the replay tool. A replay tool in an art game/app? Yep! Once artists have finished drawing or coloring a picture, they can watch the whole creation process over again in fast motion, a really exciting and interesting process.

Just like the only other noteable art game that comes to mind, Mario Paint, Colors! 3D comes with pages to color — but these aren’t just regular coloring pages that can be filled with a paint bucket icon, artists will have to color pages in with broad sweeping strokes. Sounds lame? It’s not, this is just one of the many ways that Colors! 3D makes sure you test out the different colors and brushes the game has to offer instead of pointing at pictures and filling them in with color.

About the only real problem I’ve encountered with Colors! 3D is that the aforementioned zoom function is very static, once an artist zooms in, they cannot move their picture at all, they’ll need to zoom out, point to where they want to zoom in, then re-zoom and repeat this process until they’ve enlarge the picture to the size they want. Being able to toggle or move the picture while zoomed in would make the creation process a lot easier, something people would appreciate as they’re just getting used to Colors! 3D.

So if it’s a fun, easy to use art app, you’re wanting, download Colors! 3D today and create something beautiful!


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