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Review | Quick Fire Destruction Pad for PS3

Using turbo in any competitive game is one of those things where you’re either feeling like a jerk or laughing all the way to the top of the leaderboards.

Regardless, if you feel the need to use it to either gain a competitive edge or be able to keep up with those hardcore gamers, then Big Ben Interactive’s Quick Fire Destruction Pad (wireless controller) may be the best way to go on the PlayStation 3.

Designed to look like the Dual Shock 3, the Quick Fire is a bit heftier with the L2 and R2 buttons being concave, and grips on each side of the controller to keep it nice and snug.  The D-pad itself works fairly well but found it to be bit too loose, almost like an analog stick, which defeated the purpose.  As for the analog sticks themselves, they feel a little bit heavier than those found on the Dual Shock 3, which I actually liked.  In fact, I’ve always felt the Dual Shock 3’s analog’s sticks were too light for their own good so the added “weight” felt much better.  That heavy feeling extended to the face buttons too, which required a bit of a stronger push to use but overall, they felt fine.

To test out the turbo feature, I threw on Battlefield 3 and cycled through pistols and semi-automatic guns.  As expected, I managed to fire off bullets like I was using a fully automatic machine gun.  This was especially comical when I’d use a sidearm and unloaded my entire clip in literally about 2-3 seconds.  Using turbo seriously makes just about any gun into a super gun.  Of course it’s easy to feel guilty about the whole endeavor but hey, that’s what’s turbo’s always been for right?

After turning off turbo, I played a couple of rounds normally and still found the controller to work extremely well, rivaling Sony’s own DS3.  I should note too that to use the controller, you’ll need to attach a USB adapter to the PS3 and was a little disappointed that you need to use 2 AA batteries as opposed to having a rechargeable battery.

That minor gripe aside, the Quick Fire is a fine controller that makes for an excellent substitute for the Dual Shock 3.

You can purchase the controller via Amazon.com and Walmart.com.


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