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Rising Star Games Reveals Their 2012 Nintendo DS, 3DS Lineup

The Nintendo DS is a console that one might say has too many games. The Nintendo 3DS, on the other hand, is often fairly criticized for being software deficient. Regardless, Rising Star Games Inc. has today announced their plan to bolster the already massive DS and the disappointingly nonexistent 3DS library with their own brand of action. In the year 2012, they will be releasing a selection of four titles available to the highly populated portable market: Cradle of Rome 2, Cradle of Persia, To-Fu Collection, and Super Black Bass 3D.

Cradle of Rome 2 (available for both the Nintendo DS and 3DS in May 2012) is a match-three inspired take on the attempt to revitalize what was once known as the Roman Empire; players will collect enough of the required resources to rebuild Rome from the ground up and, in time, be declared Caesar. In similar fashion, Cradle of Persia (Nintendo DS, June 2012) presents the user with over one hundred stages of match-three action in order to reconstruct the great Persian Empire. To-Fu Collection (Nintendo DS, June 2012) offers a slight departure from Rising Stars’ previous titles in that it focuses on the ascension of To-Fu to the title of “Master of Chi.” However, much like the Cradle of games, To-Fu Collection focuses on over two hundred puzzles dealing with a vast assortment of different surfaces and traps for the player to conquer. In their final effort, Super Black Bass 3D (Nintendo 3DS, September 2012), is a fishing simulation that explores over 30 different types of aquatic life.

All of these titles from Rising Star Games Inc., as is mentioned next to each respective game, will be available for either (and in some cases both) the Nintendo DS or 3DS this year.


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