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God of War IV is Official

by on April 18, 2012

God of War IV is a thing, except it’s not God of War IV. Ascension, the name of the game, takes us to a time before God of War when Kratos was not the “vengeful” guy he is in the current God of War games.

“A time that in spite of the madness that plagued him, Kratos would break his blood oath to an unjust god. A time when he would no longer be bound in blood.”

The old lady narrating the video is a nice touch too. Gives it more ‘oomph’ and makes us want to play it even more. Yes love, we wants the Ascension, we needs it.

Along with the trailer you can check out the Amazon page below, the one page that leaked it all. Seriously, who does this stuff? It seems like everyone is leaking stuff these days. I can understand “accidental” leaking but it’s gone viral. Everyone seems to have “leak my stuff”-itis these days. Sheesh.

Amazon God of War Page

Source: Gameranx

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