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Crytek Is Revving the Hype Engine For Crysis 3

by on April 17, 2012

EA and Crytek have high hopes for Crysis 3, which they are already dubbing as the premier Sandbox/Shooter experience of 2013.  Crysis 3 will be built using the famed CryENGINE which has powered Crytek’s last two outings.

Gamers will step into the shoes of Prophet as he returns to New York, which has been quarantined by the evil Cell Corporation.  While the corporation claims that this quarantine is a necessary precaution to protect innocent civilians, the Cell Corporation has their own nefarious purposes.  Prophet will stand against Cell using an even more advanced Nanosuit and a spiffy new composite bow.  Gameplay will be a mixture between typical FPS action and open world goodness as Prophet travels through seven unique environments in his quest for retribution.

Crysis won’t be arriving on store shelves until 2013, but it is already available for preorder.  Gamers can preorder the Hunter Edition of the game, which will give players early access to Prophets new bow weapon, an experience boost, and additional super-suit abilities.  Various retailers will be providing additional content packs for those who preorder, so keep your eyes peeled for retailer exclusive deals.

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