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World of Tanks 7.3 Update Detailed

by on April 6, 2012

World of Tanks is upgrading to 7.3 and bringing you all new content. First off the Soviet tech tree is getting some new additions. The heavy tanks will be split into two branches which puts in some room to introduce several tank substitutions and some brand new tanks. If you’re familiar with the IS-4 tank you’ll be happy to know that this update will be moving the tank into the tier 10 slot of it’s own heavyweight line along with the KV-4 and ST-I.

Other additions to the game include a new battle arena, the South Coast, and the Dragon’s Ridge which is the game’s first map set in Asia.

Victor Kislyi, CEO of Wargaming.net had this to say about the update:

We’ve got loads of exciting new content to share with our players. The new machines should give players a taste for heavy vehicles, and with the help of the upcoming battle arenas, the game will get a fresh look from both a visual and tactical point of view.

World of Tanks is an awesome MMORPG where you kick ass by shooting and destroying other tanks on the opposing team. Details about when the 7.3 release will be launched have not been given out yet so stay tuned to GotGame for coverage on World of Tanks.

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