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Review | Dungeon Hunter: Alliance

First things first, this is a long game. Really, really, really, incredibly so in single player mode, which I do not recommend because it will cause you to rage quit and most likely smash your shiny new vita. So if I were you I would stick to the multiplayer and find a friend. It’s not a bad game, but it’s not a good game either at best it’s a mediocre dungeon crawler with the aspirations of being a Diablo clone. At worst it’s a frustrating dungeon crawler with the aspirations of being a Diablo clone.


The Story is weak if you can call it story, the main plot is you were the king of a peaceful land, your wife the queen died, you using some magic resurrect her and she becomes infected with the power of the dark fairy, she killed you and several years later you are resurrected by fairies to destroy the now evil queen. It seems anyone who is resurrected becomes evil, and before you ask there is no time limit, and this fact is mentioned in passing and then seems to be dropped just as quickly. That’s the whole plot you must kill the queen because she has been infected by the dark fairy who wants to rule the world.


The way you do this is by going on hours upon hours of quests in which you do nothing but hack and slash until you get to a boss that you then proceed to hack and slash until he is dead. Upon his death you are returned to a hub city where you get another quest to then hack and slash. This kind of thing goes on for several hours, upon hours, upon hours, upon hours. The dungeons while different all kind of blend together and the game play is tedious at best.

There are one or two perks I found that I liked and wished would be implemented in more RPG’s one such perk being putting enough points into strength when you level up and you can wield two handed weapons with one hand. That is a particular feat that I very much enjoyed and would love to see something However besides one or two interesting feats the rest of this game is a generic dungeon crawler. It feels like something that was made in the 90’s or even for like the PS2, however as a launch game for vita I find it’s lacking and as for the touch screen controls they tacked on it made the game play even more frustrating than it should have.


Like I mentioned before it’s not a bad game, it’s just not a good game either. If you get this as a gift or even bought it yourself, give it a play, enjoy what you can out of it and then forget it or just trade it in.


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