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access_time April 5, 2012 at 4:41 PM in Culture by Sebastian Marco

Preview: Mario Tennis Open

Ahh tennis, a gentlemans sport of skill and cunning. Two(singles) or four player(doubles) hit a fuzzy green ball back and forth to outplay their opponents. Some of the greatest tennis players today are Frederer, Nadal, Djovac, and of course Mario….?

Back and ready to serve up some tennis onto your 3DS is Mario Tennis Open. All your favorite Mushroom Kindom players are back. If you think your MII would better suit you, Mario Tennis has you covered there with the ability to play as your favorite MII. Now, if you’re playing tennis it’s not a official rule but it’s always good to be looking snazy, so along with your MII are options to customize your appearence, with the added bonus of raquets that have special ablities.


Buying things in real life and in a video game aren’t cheap, so what’s a gamer to do? Simple Mario Tennis has multitudes of ways to get that virtural coin into your pockets. After each game players will be awarded points to spend in the shop, it’s as simple as that. Now that we have your MII ready, let’s talk about the game modes.

Mario Tennis Open’s game modes have a little something so that everyone will want to get in on the game. In single player, players will play through an assortment of tournements that will include 9 different courts to play on, each will affect how the balls are hit on the court, just like real tennis! One of the new additions to Mario Tennis is a behind 3rd peroson camera, which is a nice touch to the game. Also new to the 3DS game is multi player via wireless ad hoc, with up to 4 players.

Some other welcome additions are a series of special games. These 4 different mini games will keep players busy, while having fun.

In Super Mario Tennis, players will be to play the game that started it all while trying to keep the ball bouncing of the wall. Adding a twist to the game, players will have to hit enemies and collect coins to keep their time up to make it through the levels.

The other game modes include, Ink Showdown where players play a game of keep away with a twist, the more balls you hit away from your opponent the more Ink covers your screen making it challenging to see where, you, the ball or you opponent are. Galaxy Rally has players playing on a planetary court, which is conveniently placed above a black whole. The goal of this mode is to pick up as many star coins on the court while pieces appear and disappear. The last mode Ring Shot, has players rallying while trying to hit the ball through as many rings as possible to rack up alot of points.

Looking to come out next month on May 20th, be sure to check out Mario Tennis Open when it comes out. Also be on the look out for our full review next month.


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