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access_time April 2, 2012 at 10:11 AM in Features by Andrew Kent

New Xbox Rumors Surface

The mill is a churnin’ once again dear readers and this time it has sit out some tid bits about the next XBOX. Web site VG247 is suggesting that Microsoft has given out the details of it’s next generation console to third party partners. The news site is even bold enough to say that they have learned that Microsoft has confirmed the next XBOX for a Christmas 2013 release.

That’s not all dear readers. The next XBOX will be able to play Blu-ray and it will even have two GPUs. The GPUs are apparently the equivalent to AMD’s 7000 series, says VG247. They even have information on the CPU, which will apparently have “four or six” cores. Even more specific is the fact that one of those cores will be reserved for Kinect and one will be used for the OS.

Speaking of Kinect, VG247 claims that the next XBOX will have the Kinect built into the console.

Allegedly you will also have to always have the console connected to the internet as an anti-piracy measure.

A lot of this seems too specific for me to even think that any of this is true. However, with any bunch of rumors or myths there is always some truth to what is being said. Since there are rumors floating about it is quite possible that the next XBOX is in the works. It is also quite possible that Microsoft has already given details out to partners and dev kits out to developers. I am hoping though that this next XBOX won’t be released for another year or so, I still haven’t run my XBOX 360 ragged yet. Blu-ray support was something that the 360 was lacking so Microsoft would be very smart indeed to include this into the next XBOX.

As for specific details like the internal specs, release date, and kinect, those are up for debate. A 2013 release date is highly unlikely but then again I am biased. I myself do not trust anything too specific in rumors. The next XBOX may be running AMD hardware, and it may not. As for the built in Kinect, yeah friggin’ right. What, are you going to balance your next XBOX on top of your T.V.? We will see dear readers, we will see.

[Thanks VG247]


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