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access_time March 28, 2012 at 6:21 PM in News by John Speerbrecker

Rumor: The Next PlayStation is on the Way?

According to a “credible” source, new details have emerged about the next piece of world changing technology with regards to Video games and Sony.

According to the source, the codename for the next Sony system is going to be called “Orbis”. Even thought the name itself means “circle or ring”, one can look into it being the the basis for a new type of cloud virtualization because of the smart advertising technology by Google.

Here are the tenative facts:

1. It will release in Q4 of 2013.  The PS1(1996) PS2(2001), PS3(2006), PS4(2013??) Each system was released on a five year cycle. this would make it 7 years from the release from the original system. One can also look into the wealth of great game that have been released in the past year in order to really give it that final push before the next system is released.

2.The display is supposedly going to be 4096X2160. This type of resolution will allow players to see 3d tech in full HD graphics. I think that this is great, however I would like to see actual products have this output. To date, it still pains me to have to watch SD graphics on my Netflix when my entire setup is 1080p.

3. No Backwards compatibility. We had recently seen this with the newer versions of the PS3 and funny enough, the Vita.  One of the main reasons that we see this is not because they don’t want to include it, but they just have soo much to deal with in the new architecture, they simply do not have the money and the time to develop their new system around it.

4. They are going to incorporate technology that limits the use of used games on their systems. We have seen them working with this type of business plan in some of their current games where you will have to input an online code to allow you to play online. This will limit the effectiveness of the secondary markets but at the same time will increase the profits of the development companies.

The next question is going to have to be, “Is this the next PlayStation?” the source says that it might be, but as for now, the details are so limited and the information is simple enough that many analysts have already predicted it. the most surprising being the resolution which in Sony’s case tells us that they might also be planning on ushering in a new era of television sets for us to play their new systems on.

One thing is for sure, It is going to be really expensive in the coming years.

My biggest concern is if they will find a balance by limiting the sale of new games and actually being able to have their games in stores. If you think about it,  Gamestop for example, makes the majority of its profits on used games. What do you think the effects will be when that revenue is taken away?



  • Ramon Aranda March 28, 2012 at 6:23 PM

    I’m hoping we’ll at least get some sort of tease during E3 this year; perhaps a tech demo or something to wet our whistles.

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