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access_time March 28, 2012 at 6:02 AM in News by Josh Boykin

Battlefield 3 Update Releases with Harsh Reviews

Last week, EA announced a flood of updates that they were planning to release in Battlefield 3 on PS3 to tweak the gameplay. These changes ranged from minor changes in recoil and accuracy to the weapons to more noticeable things like making the time to switch from primary to secondary weapons faster. A list of all the changes (it’s a hefty list) can be found on last week’s entry at the Battlefield 3 blog. As read in the comments, the changes have taken on some mixed reviews, though many of them fall into this category:

predator215 03.28.12 | 12:13


Or this:

gateraid1 03.27.12 | 20:58

Is anyone else having a problem getting back the BACK to Karkand map? I have downloaded it twice and noting is happening it does not show up, is Dice serious. I payed for my map now your patch steals it from me.

It seems that those having issues accessing their “Back to Karkand” content simply need to re-download the map pack to get the updated fixes and content for those maps. As far as those complaining about how the game has changed, well…we live in a world where games are fluid and updates happen. I don’t play Battlefield 3 myself, but I am willing to give EA a bit of praise (this is the first time in a long time I’ve done that) for attempting to refine their game’s experience and respond to player concerns. One very interesting addition is server rental: players are now able to rent servers that allow them to customize the settings of the game like PC users have treasured for quite some time in their first-person shooters.

Though there may be some grief on the comment boards about the changes, if EA’s told us anything, it’s that they’re going to do what they want regardless. Just like Facebook every time they change their layout, there’s tons of verbal outcries of grief when it happens…but it seems that everyone gets used to it after a while. I predict the same thing will happen here.

Have you played the update and enjoyed it, or maybe you’ve tried it and hate it? What are your feelings?


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