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access_time March 26, 2012 at 9:36 AM in Features by Andrew Kent

Burning Embers: Tablets VS. Consoles – Who Will Win?

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY BUY ME THINGS. UM. Look at the baby and get angry about people talking about tablets (mainly the iPad) making consoles extinct!

Yeah, so I saw another article talking about how the iPad is competition for consoles. Hah, what? The iPad, competition for consoles? Pshaw, tablets will never take the place of consoles (let alone the iPad) at least not the way they are now. Let’s take a look at both platforms and compare them shall we?

Controlling your character/Playing the game

So when you play a game on  tablet it’s mainly touch based correct? Now think about how you’re going to play a game like Skyrim on your iPad. You have multiple things going on: switching between spells and shouts, slashing away at your opponents, firing a spell, going into your inventory to drink a health potion. Basically there is some multitasking going on that I don’t think a tablet’s huge screen will be able to handle. Controllers give your fingers easy access to all the buttons you need to play Skyrim. As for the iPad you would have to worry about moving your finger quickly over more than 2 inches, critical time that could get you killed by that flame atronach or Alduin himself. Functionally, the iPad just does not cut it for playing games.


The iPad’s max storage is 64 GB, actually it’s less than that because the OS takes up some of that space so it’s more like 60 GB or somewhere around there. Batman: Arkham City takes up 17 GB on your computer. SEVENTEEN Gigabytes dear readers. If you don’t like cloud storage like me then you want to have the option to have either a physical copy of your game or have it on your internal storage. Sixty gigabytes just won’t cut it. Cloud storage is an option but it’s very faulty. If their servers go down, you’re S.O.L. if you want to play your game. Albeit I’m sure they have countermeasures for this but I like having a physical copy/internally stored copy because if anything happens to it then it’s my fault. I know that I will take good care of my games/computer. How can I put faith into a company that has all my save files and game stored on their computer? Also, what if the system gets bogged down by everyone wanting to play that game? Cloud computing can be a good technology, just not now.


So let’s take a look at the price for an iPad and a console. An XBOX 360 with a 250 GB hard drive is around 300 dollars, maybe less if you buy it used. As you all know the iPad can be quite expensive and the New iPad is no exception. The New iPad with 64 GB of internal storage is a whopping 700 dollars, 829 dollars if you want the 4G version. Just think about what the price of such a tablet would be if it could actually play games like Assassin’s Creed: Revelations or Modern Warfare 3. The New iPad does not have the capabilities for these massive games, it can only give you so much and so a version that can give you the ability to play these AAA title games would take an even bigger chunk of money out of your wallet.

In the end tablets are just not a viable swap for consoles. Consoles are cheaper, provide a much richer gaming experience, and will beat the crap out of tablets any day. With new technologies arising, consoles are becoming even better. The Wii-U is even incorporating a tablet controller, which seems to join the best of both worlds. I don’t ever want tablets to replace consoles, especially since I’d have to look down constantly to play them (there needs to be an iStand or something). Consoles forever! What do you think dear readers?



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