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access_time March 25, 2012 at 10:38 PM in Culture by John De Large

Xbox Fever (Mar. 26)

Chris is out running JDL an errand for a change, so he’ll be flying solo today. It’s time for Fever!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution on Games on Demand!

Says: Electronic Theatre

JDL says: The standard edition of Square Enix’s action/stealth/puzzle RPG, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is now available on Games on Demand for the Xbox 360. You can pick it up for $29.99, £24.99 or €39.99, depending on where you live. Despite our disagreements, on behalf of the absent Chris and I can agree this is one hell of a game and a bargain at $30. The open worlds are a little confined, but if you like stealth and espionage action in your games, Deus Ex won’t disappoint.

Size Matters

Says: GMANetwork

JDL says: Remember that whole incident where Capcom left 12 DLC characters on Street Fighter X Tekken discs and everyone and their mother got all butthurt about it? Well, Capcom Unity community manager Brett Elston has spoken up and mentioned that the un-popular move was an attempt to correct file size and compatibility issues.

“By including these 12 characters on the disc, the idea was to ensure easy compatibility between players who do and do not choose to download the characters when they arrive as DLC,” explained Capcom Unity community manager Brett Elston.

Elston also mentioned that having the DLC characters on-disc enables players to compete against others who did purchase the content. Say you’re playing someone in SFXT, you’re playing as Ryu and Ken and going up against someone who’s playing as Cody and Guy, both of which are DLC characters. In other games with DLC, say Gears of War, you’d probably be kicked from the match for not having the same content as them (and not even because you didn’t pay, but because the physical data for the content DOESN’T EXIST on your disc or system). At least by having the characters on disc, Capcom made it so that players can compete against people who shelled out the couple extra bucks. Now everyone, please get along.

Oswald The Lucky Rabbit Is The New Luigi — Or Tails — Or Meta Knight?

Says:  Joystiq

JDL says: Oswald The Lucky Rabbit returns in Epic Mickey 2 and he’ll be partnered up with Mickey, just Chris and I are usually partners. In Epic Mickey 2, Oswald can be controlled by a second player who can drop in and out as they please, with the games AI taking over when nobody else is playing. The idea is to make it easy for parents or friends to be able to join in on the fun when they have a minute or two to play and return to something else when the need arises. Kinda reminds me of Secret of Mana.

HD versions will be available for the Xbox 360 and PS3 as well as the Wii, with design work being done by Junction Point, who’ve worked on those Burger King games available some years back (who remembers Sneak King?).

And although it doesn’t concern this article, PS3 versions of Epic Mickey will support the Move peripheral, which leads me to believe that the 360 versions will support the Kinect. Fancy, eh?

Child’s Play Shuts Down Fundraiser?


JDL says: Penny Arcade wasn’t thrilled with Mass Effect 3’s ending, so they used their Child’s Play charity to take donations for — well, charity, but a lot of gamers and donators seemed to think that their donations would influence the creation of a new ending. So, Child’s Play’s project manager, a nice guy named Jamie Dillion proceeded to get bombarded by mail regarding the donation goal as well as how much money was needed to get a new ending made.


Child’s Play was also contacted by PayPal due to a large amount of donors requesting refunds, prompting the fundraiser come to an end. PA’s Tycho had this to say about future fundraisers:

“Child’s Play cannot be a tool to draw attention to a cause.  Child’s Play must be the Cause.”

I’m not going to say anything bad about Penny Arcade (since they crush anyone that they don’t like), but — hey, their hearts were in the right place. Right? Nyaaa~?


Here’s some games that’ll be available on Xbox Live soon!

TRIALS EVOLUTION, April 18th, for 1200 Microsoft Points!
BLOODFORGE, April 25th, just 1200 Microsoft Points!
FABLE HEROES, May 2nd, only 800 Microsoft Points!
MINECRAFT: XBOX 360 EDITION, May 9th, for 1600 Microsoft Points!

That’s the news, folks! Maybe next week, Chris will be back with my damn chicken sandwiches! Until next time, be good!


  • Ramon Aranda March 26, 2012 at 8:50 AM

    Not for nothing but Deus Ex: Human Revolution is awesome!

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