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Fighters Club Preview

Developer Kill3rCombo has been known to deliver some entertaining and free-to-play titles in the past and the team’s Fighters Club for the PC appears to be no different.

We recently had some hands-on time with the game, which mixes in some RPG elements with a beat ‘em up action game that’s reminiscent of old school titles such as Final Fight.

As you begin the game, you’ll be able to choose from one of three character types, a female, a male wrestler and a male boxer.  Each type has specific skills and attributes that can then be later be advanced by adding new attacks and skills.  Upon creating your character, you’ll then be taken to central town, which then offers up various paths to quests.  The overview map actually does look like Metro City from the aforementioned Final Fight; seriously, there are a lot of similarities, which isn’t a bad thing.

Walking around town also reveals some shops where you can purchase items, or even enter a training facility, which allows you to modify the types of attacks you can pull off.  Inside the training center, you can get a video preview of what each attack will look like before actually purchasing it, so you’ll never go in blind.

A concern I’ve always had with fighting games on a PC, especially when using a keyboard is in the clunky translation or the inability to properly focus your attacks on a specific enemy.  Luckily that’s not the case with Fighters Club as the developer has thankfully made this issue non-apparent.  When confronted by enemies, you will auto-target based on your proximity so if you happen to be facing someone who’s closer to you than everyone else, you will automatically attack him when you start pressing the attack keys.  Having been allowed to take the controls of the game for about 15 minutes, I can honestly say that they work quite well.  While you maneuver your character with the arrow keys, the X and C keys are for attacks.  However, as you’re putting a beat down on enemies, you’ll be able to also pull off any number of special attacks which are mapped to other keys which in turn makes it easy to setup combinations.  You also do get a visual for what the special attacks are so you’re at least aware of what you can do at any given time.  Enemies are scattered around and will attack you, as you get closer like that Capcom arcade game I was talking about.  Some of them will want to punch you in the face, while others will use weapons.

Each quest ends with a boss battle, which can get tricky.  You’ll want to play close attention to the boss’ routine in order to figure them out.  In one battle, we saw this chick that rode in on a motorcycle.  I was able to get a few shots in before she started trying to run me over.  After getting my teeth kicked in a few times, I finally figured her out and ultimately knocked her out.  At the end of each quest, you’ll be ranked and you can replay any quest to try to get a better score.  Also as you go along, you’ll either earn new perks or you can buy them with the currency you accumulate.  You can always purchase stuff with real money as well but isn’t required.

While the game can be played alone, you can also play with friends, up to 3 at a time.  Additionally you can get into some PvP action with up to six people.  In the final part of the demo, I got into a match against one of the game’s producers.  It was a heated battle that saw us pulling off combinations and hitting each other with 2×4’s or anything else we could find.  Ultimately, my skills won the day and earned myself a hard fought victory.  I can easily see these types of matchups being just as fun if not more time consuming than the main game.

Fighters Club isn’t very demanding on your PC in terms of specs (though none were given), and we did play on a modest laptop without any sort of upgrades.  The game played smoothly without much jitter or lag and the game’s cel-shaded art style is a perfect fit.

Kill3rCombo says the game is slated for a summer release and we’ll have more on the game as we get closer to its launch.


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