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The Amazing Spider-Man Preview

Earlier this month, Activision held a set of preview meetings for the upcoming release of The Amazing Spider-Man for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The game, which will be released on June 26 to lead into the release of the new film, has been in development for two years now and is based in the movie’s universe.  Luckily, Beenox, who is developing the game, was given a bit of freedom with the storyline, given that it takes place after the events of the film.

Leading us into the game, producer Doug Heder explains that the goal of the game’s presentation is to let gamers experience what it’s like to actually be Spider-Man.  This being the third game developed by Beenox, the team decided to throw out all their old tech, instead building this game from the ground up with an all new design and new tools.  From the start of the demo, it’s pretty clear that the game is going for a much more mature feel.  Spidey’s outfit is greatly detailed and not as cartoony as we’ve seen in the past.  Now in order to give gamers a more personal experience, Beenox puts the camera behind Spider-Man’s shoulder to get you a little closer to the action.  Heder then explains that the game finally takes our hero back to New York City, which offers up a huge landscape to explore.  The game also features no HUD, in order to retain that more realistic feel.

In order to show us how big NYC is going to be in the game, Heder fires off a series of webs to allow Spider-Man to traverse around the city from building to building.   When pulling up information on missions and such, Spider-Man will put out a PDA to access it, leaving the player immersed in the game instead of pulling them out of it with menus.

While Spidey will obviously be involved in a main storyline, there will also be quite a few side quests that players will be able to take on.  In one example, Spider-Man must foil some thieves; escape attempt, as they’re involved in a car chase around Manhattan with police.  Spider-Man then makes use of his web-slinging abilities to take shortcuts across the city and finally land on top of the vehicle.  From there, we see some quick-time events that allow Spider-Man to finally put the thieves in their place.  It sort of gives us this open-world feel where Spider-Man is able to be involved in many other things aside from the main story and should give gamers plenty of gameplay time.

At the tail end of the preview, we’re shown how Spider-Man beats baddies down. Inside of an Oscorp warehouse, Spider-Man sees a group of gun-toting individuals that are clearly up to no good.  Now he could certainly jump down from the ceiling and start cracking skulls, but this seems like a risky proposition.  So instead, he uses some Batman-esque planning by first entering into Web Rush, which is a tactical feature that lets Spider-Man plan his attack.  He then drops down a ledge and takes out one enemy before jumping back up to the rafters.  While in this mode, he can plan out where he will jump and who he will attack.  After taking out a few armed men, Spider-Man then jumps down and proceeds to layeth the smackethdown on his foes.  There’s some button mashing involved, but you can then use certain buttons to do combos or super attacks.  Time is momentarily slowed down just enough to let you press an action button so it works out quite well.

Finally we get to see a face-off against Rhino!

Obviously not as physically strong as his foe, Spider-Man will need to use his agility to move in and out of harms way.  With the use of his web, Spider-Man begins to not only defend himself but thwart some of Rhino’s attacks.  This battle is about to get really interesting…

Wait no, the demo ends as the tease continues.

The demo surely gave us an idea as to what we can expect upon the game’s release.  There is no question that there is some Rocksteady influence here from the mature nature of the game, to the art-style, the combat and overall gameplay.  It’s not a bad thing mind you, so if what we’ve seen is any indication as to what we’ll get with the final product, then this may easily turn out to be the best Spider-Man game to date.

The game will also see release on additional platforms though no word yet as to how those games will look and play.


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