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access_time March 22, 2012 at 3:30 PM in News by Drew Robbins

Guilds, Returning Players Bolstered in Latest Digimon Masters Update

The world presented in Digimon Masters has done well enough to emulate the nostalgic visage of a world in which virtual-reality and reality itself overlap on a regular basis, but in the latest update it is shown that Joymax will not stop there to appease fans of the anime franchise; improvements are on the way that celebrate such commonplace facets of the massively multiplayer experience as guilds and returning players.

Guilds will see the introduction of a new event known as the Celebration of Guilds. Here, those who have been united from the beginning and those looking to start anew alike will see a variety of perks and rewards to improve the group experience. A quick trip to the Digimon Masters Facebook page will alert players to the lucky individuals that will be on the receiving end of rewards dolled out during the Celebration of Guilds event.

Similar events will kick off with the coming update to show appreciation for returning players that have since left the digital world behind. New items and events featuring EXP and speed bonuses will help to welcome back these users to the game as if they had never even left for a second.

Digimon Masters is available for free download at the Joymax website found here.



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